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Greetings and Salutations to all of our Friends, Fans, Colleagues, and Supporters!


As always we Appreciate your unconditional love and continued support. It's your Strength and Encouragement that helps sustain us. We Thank each and everyone one of you! If you just found out who we are and you decided to check us out then Thank You Very Much for taking the time to visit with us. Welcome to the website! Please stay awhile and look around! Now, as some of you have probably noticed, the website has been pretty inactive for a long time. No new posts, updates, nothing! Just total silence. Yet, despite it all so many of you never stopped checking on us, leaving us messages, or inquiring about our well being. For that we are Extremely Greatful. Like all businesses, big and small we've had our share of challenges and setbacks. Some that were of a personal nature and others that were business related. They were some really trying times. The kind that test your fortitude and show what your really made of. In any case, We're Still Here! We Were Always Here! Pushing through it all, being productive in everyway possible, and making things happen. I assure you we're Not going anywhere! There are ambitious projects on the horizon and new content in the works. If you've hung with us this long you might as well ride with us a little longer. The journey has only just begun. 



Dwayne Washington