About Us

Meza Multimedia Entertainment, L.L.C. (Pronounced Mesa) is a Houston based independent production company established in 2011 by writer-director Dwayne Washington.  We’re a young, ambitious, and enterprising company with a strong will to succeed.  Our organization is comprised of a diverse network of multi-talented, knowledgeable, and experienced individuals that actively work throughout the entertainment industry.

We have an appreciation for all forms of creative expression.  Yet, movies are our passion, especially independent films.  We enjoy the collaborative process and enthusiastic efforts of everyone involved.   We believe that independent filmmaking is real filmmaking.  We welcome the challenges of developing and producing low budget, specialty, and genre films that are often rejected by the major studios.

At Meza Multimedia Entertainment we are dedicated to making good movies.  The kind of movies that tell a compelling story, have beautiful visuals, and intriguing performances.  One of our many objectives is to be recognized as a trusted brand in this extremely competitive business. Therefore, we will always strive to provide the very best in smart, original, inspirational, and thought-provoking entertainment.