The Buzz

Posted by Team Meza on Sep 27, 2015


We just concluded our second day of Fantastic Fest and it was just as awesome as the first.  Fantastic Fest is truly unique and different from other film festivals we've been to. The films are odd and unlike anything else you'll see at other festivals.  We saw some very interesting features and several creative short films. It was a really fun day of movie watching and it was topped off with a great concert by an unusual band called Itchy-O.  They are a 32 member group of anonymous musicians and stage performers that put on a unbelievable show! Their set is a mixture of lights, technology, innovation, and crowd interaction. Their music is a perfect orchestration of live percussion instruments, electronic synthesizers, and distorted ambient sounds.  The thumping Bass and constant pulsating energy from the performers moving throughout the audience are contagious. This was an amazing musical performance to experience and if you ever have an opportunity to see one of their live shows we highly recommend that you do.