The Buzz


We are forever grateful to all of you who continue to show us so much Love and Support year after year. Everyone of you are a vital part in our growth and sustainability. We Appreciate all that you do for us and I just want to reassure you that We Are Still Here! Like so many of you the year 2020 was filled with days of relentless anxiety, stress, and constant challenges. The Covid-19 Pandemic went into full effect and the quarantine was put into action. Political controversies and Racial differences bombarded everyday life with feelings of fear and uncertainty. Projects were put on hold and opportunities dried up. Financial matters became concerning. The Coronavirus hit our family extremely hard. Several family members got sick and we unfortunately lost a couple of dear loved ones. Life was unbearable and the world seemed to stand still while we all waited for some agreeable answers and peacful solutions to the multitude of problems we all shared. It truly felt like the Apocalypse was upon us and no one knew what to expect! Well, we all know how things ended or were resolved. For better or worse we survived like everybody else and slowly began to pick up where we left off and rebuild what was lost . Fast forward seven months into the new year and business is on the up and up. We've been working constantly on new projects and content that will be available soon. So, stay tuned because we're just getting started!