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Performing Arts

At Meza Multimedia Entertainment, we take pride in our deep connections with Houston's vibrant performing arts scene. Our work in independent film has always danced closely with other forms of expression, from theaters to dance companies, and the eclectic music venues scattered throughout our city. We believe in the power of collaboration, leveraging these relationships to create richer, more textured film experiences that resonate both locally and globally.


Theaters are not just locales for acting and drama but are spaces where our films find a physical home, premiering to audiences eager for fresh narratives. We collaborate with local theaters to host screenings that are as much about community building as they are about showcasing new work.

Dance Companies

Dance offers a unique narrative tool, embodying emotions and stories in movement. By partnering with Houston's dance companies, we bring an additional layer of storytelling to our films, whether through choreographed pieces specifically designed for a project or integrating existing works to enhance a narrative.

Music Venues

Music venues in Houston are the soul of the city's entertainment scene, and we often find inspiration and talent within these spaces. Incorporating local musicians and live recordings into our films not only supports the local art scene but enriches our soundtracks, helping each project to resonate more deeply with its audience.

Event Planning

Beyond film, Meza Multimedia Entertainment is intimately involved in event planning. Whether for corporate events, private parties, or weddings, our team brings a cinematic eye to event production, ensuring every detail is crafted to create memorable experiences.

Corporate Events

Corporate events require a keen eye for detail and storytelling to communicate brand messages effectively. Our background in filmmaking allows us to create corporate events that are not only seamless in execution but impactful in conveying a narrative.

Private Parties

Each private party is an opportunity to tell a personal story. Our team approaches these events with creativity and sensitivity, ensuring that each celebration is a reflection of the individual or family at its heart.


Weddings are ultimate personal narratives, and we bring a storyteller’s touch to these joyous occasions. From concept to execution, our team ensures that every wedding we plan is filled with moments that are cinematic in their beauty and emotion.

Talent Booking

Finding the right talent is crucial in both event planning and film production. Meza Multimedia Entertainment has an extensive network of musicians, DJs, and entertainers, ensuring that whether for a film project or an event, we can bring together the perfect ensemble to elevate the experience.


Our connections with local and national musicians allow us to curate soundtracks and live performances that perfectly complement the tone and style of any project or event.


DJs set the mood for both our events and film settings, where curated soundscapes are essential. We work with a roster of talented DJs to create auditory experiences that are unforgettable.


From magicians to speakers, our network of entertainers brings a dynamic energy to both films and events, engaging audiences in unique and compelling ways.

Audiovisual Production

The backbone of Meza Multimedia Entertainment is our expertise in audiovisual production. Our team is equipped to handle all aspects of production, from sound systems and lighting design to visual effects, ensuring that every project is executed with the highest technical standards.

Sound Systems

Great sound is fundamental to the impact of any film or event. Our team employs cutting-edge sound systems to deliver crystal-clear audio, whether for an intimate gathering or a sprawling outdoor event.

Lighting Design

Lighting not only illuminates but also sets the mood and highlights key moments. Our lighting design is tailored to the unique requirements of each project, enhancing atmospheres and elevating experiences.

Visual Effects

In the realm of film, visual effects have the power to transport audiences to new worlds. Our VFX team combines technical skill with creative vision to craft effects that are both breathtaking and integral to the storytelling process.

Film and TV Production

At the heart of Meza Multimedia Entertainment is our passion for film and TV production. We provide end-to-end production services, from video editing and location scouting to working with casting agencies to find the perfect talent for our projects.

Video Editing

Our post-production team expertly shapes raw footage into compelling narratives, employing both technical precision and creative intuition to edit films that capture the imagination.

Location Scouting

The setting of a film is as important as its characters. We scout locations that not only serve the narrative but also highlight the rich diversity of landscapes and architecture available in and around Houston.

Casting Agencies

Finding the right cast is crucial to the success of any film. We work closely with casting agencies to discover talent that can bring our characters to life, ensuring a perfect fit for the story we aim to tell.

In conclusion, Meza Multimedia Entertainment continues to be at the forefront of Houston's entertainment scene, blending the world of independent cinema with comprehensive event planning and production services. Our dedication to quality, creativity, and community makes us the premier choice for those seeking to tell stories that are both impactful and enduring.

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