Insurance Telemarketing

Professional Prospecting Systems provides effective insurance telemarketing that will get your company results. If you're in the insurance business, you know the value of cold calling, but you probably also know how much time and effort it takes to do so effectively. PPS can help, with a proven strategy that generates leads and improves your bottom line.

Lead generation and telemarketing are both tools that you can use to grow your business. The problems that many companies face is that their employees were trained to perform a specific function within the company; telemarketing is usually not one of these. So while your highly-paid employees are struggling to perform marketing functions that take them away from what they really know how to do, your company is losing profits.

Insurance telemarketing is a prime example of this issue, and more and more insurance companies are finding out that outsourcing their lead generation and telemarketing speaks to their bottom line in a way that few other changes within the company can match.

Your insurance company cannot stay in business without cold calling, lead generation and telemarketing. Why not make a change that will really bring about success for your business? For almost 20 years, Professional prospecting Systems has been conducting b2b lead generation, telemarketing and appointment setting programs that delivery results. They can help your company grow, by freeing up your valuable employees to do the work they were hired to do, and provide you with the service your employees cannot perform effectively.

Insurance companies need expert telemarketing for a very important reason- it increases sales; and isn't that what it's all about? While many different types of companies define a lead in different ways; business owners who need appointments set may define a lead in a very different way than a company looking for people to attend their live event or webinar. PPS understands the different needs of companies, and can generate leads for a wide range of businesses, insurance companies included.

Professional Prospecting Systems has become expert at the complex job of coordinating people, systems and content, and you can count on their professionals to perform the job you hire them to do with creativity, passion and attention to detail. Want proof? Visit and attend one of their Webinars. There are four available each week, to make it convenient for companies like yours to attend.

If you're looking for a turn-key solution, PPS's E-Telemarketing & Lead Nurturing is the answer. You do not have to manage a calling team, know how to set up software or have the skill-set to create the content that is used for your program. PPS will handle every detail along the way. They are not passive partners; PPS cares about your results and will put real effort and passion into your program to ensure that you succeed.

If you'd like to learn more about what Professional Prospecting Systems can do for your bottom line, call a specialist at 866-445-4369. Their expert insurance telemarketing program will get you the results you're looking for, and help to free up a lot more of your time.

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